Akumajō Dracula: Ōkoku no za Wasuremashita (Translated as Demon Castle Dracula: Forgotten Realm). Although not very successful during its release in North America and Europe (only 600 thousand in each continent), Ōkoku no za Wasuremashita has become highly sought-after by video game players, and is widely considered to be one of the best in the series and a milestone of the series. It's english title is Castlevania: Forgotten Sorrow

Characters Edit

Main Characters Edit

Image Name Description
5(98) Ayano Cruz Daughter of Soma Cruz. Ayano in in search and wants to hunt down Dracula, until she knows who is "Dracula".
Ryouga half2 Ryouga Belmont Son of Julius Belmont who helps Ayano in her hunt.
Mikage half1 Mikage Belnades Daughter of Yoko Belnades who is in search for her mother.

Other Paticipants Edit

Image Name Description
RotF Sven Sven Sven is a very nice and caring person. He helps others if they are hurt, and wouldn't hurt an innocent fly.
RotF Miel Miel Miyaki Miel is originally introduced as a smart, and curious individual.
RotF Rody Rody Needlenam Rody Needlenam. He's 40% fucking awesome, 40% fucking rad and 20% fucking awesome.
RotF Hina Hina The first thing memorable about her is her brown hair.
RotF Gab Gabrielle Leonardo Gabrielle is a quiet and reserved participant. However, she is later revealed to be an angry and uncaring fellow, who eventually murders Sven, Rody and Jenny.
RotF Jenny Jenniza Garuburn is a kind participant. Despite having a supposed iron will, she breaks down when she finds Miel dead, causing her to become paranoid and fearful. She eventually teams up with Hina and Gabrielle to solve the truth behind the murders.
RotF Minerva Minerva She's fucking Minerva. Don't bother her or she'll kill you.

OST Edit

Music not mine.

Audio Name Duration Notes
Dance of Illusions 14:43 Final Boss Battle: Soma (Sven Mode)
Bloody Tears 2:46 Castle Entrance (Ayano Mode)
Vampire Killer 3:28 Castle Entrance (Sven Mode)
Invisible Depths 4:44 Final Boss Battle: Xetrius (Ayano Mode)
Title Screen / Name Entry 2:07 None.
Game Over 0:54 None.

Plot Edit

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