Bone Dragon King is the second boss Abel encounters.


The Bone Dragon King flies around the room, while shooting blue fireballs at the player. It can also spawn blue-green orbs that bounce around the room. Lastly, it can summon smaller White Dragons to attack the player. It has 1100 HP, and its theme is Followers of Darkness ~The Second~.

Melody of DarknessEdit

Bone Dragon King is the second boss in Melody of Darkness' Tower of Despair.


The Dragon King will usually fly out of range, spitting fireballs at the player. It will occasionally dash through the battlefield. If it goes over, it will drop blue orbs which home in towards the player. When in range (he hovers next to the platform), it will either smash its head against the platform of spit lava on the platform. It has 4000 HP.

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