During the late sixteenth century the forcess of darkness were declining, the Belmont family bringing upon the death of Dracula. However, evil still scarred the land, as the former servants of the vampire lord continued to torture those of innocence. In a small kingdom lies Tomas Baldarin, a man forced into vampire hunting after the kidnapping of his young wife Melicia. However, Tomas journey is more important than he thought, as he soon realizes devil forgemaster Frederick plans to sacrifice Melicia in order to ressucrect his former master Dracula. After an encounter with death, Tomas takes on the burden of a devil forgemaster in order to complete his mission. After traveling across the entire realm, Tomas finds that it is too late, and the resurection has already been completed. After defeating Frederick, Tomas is forced to face a fight to the death match with the mighty vampire lord Dracula. After sending him back to the grave, Tomas returns to death, giving up his life for the return of Melicia.

Starter CharacterEdit

Tomas Baldarin- A man forced in to vampire hunting by the kidnapping of his wife

Unlockable CharactersEdit

Frederick Collin- The shadowy devil forgemaster and former servant of Dracula. Unlock by beating the game on hard mode.

Simon Belmont- A famed vampire hunter. Unlock by beating the game on normal mode.

Melicia Baldarin- A young vampire hunter seeking revenge on those who played a hand in her husbands death. Unlock by beating the game on easy mode.


Chapter One: Palace of SorrowEdit

The Shadow Knight

Boss: Shadow Knight LVL 4

Dread Tower

Boss: Gaurdian of the Flame LVL 7

Cured Nobles

Boss: Zombie Knight LVL 11

Deaths Hands


Innocent Devil: Reaper EVO 1


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