Castlevania: Emperor of Darkness is a game that revolves around Alexander Belmonts trying to take down count dracula.

Story LineEdit


A young vampire slayer called Merrick Belmont finally confronts Count Dracula. Before finishing the vampire, Dracula screams out "You may have defeated me, but I shall return. Not in ten years, not in a hundred years. But in thirteen generations. Mark my words, I shall return...Stronger than before." Count Dracula then bursts into flames and vanishes. His castle then crumbles and is sucked into the earth.

Main StoryEdit

1100 years later, Dracula's castle re-emerges and Merrick Belmont's great great great great great great great great great great great great grandson, Alexander Belmont, his wife Charlotte Belmont and his younger brother Luke Belmont are tasked with killing dracula and destroying his castle of evil. The Belmont's battle their way through Dracula's castle and soon team up with Dracula's son, Alucard. Eventually the team defeat Dracula's head guard, Death. His right hand man, Lanon and finally Dracula himself. After Dracula is beaten the castle once again is swallowed by the ground and the heroes set of to continue their lives.


The GoodEdit

Alexander Belmont-Born 14th January, England/ Weapon: Vamire Slayer Whip

Merrick Belmont-Born 3rd December, England/ Weapon: Vampire Slayer Whip

Alucard-Born ???, Transylvania/ Weapon: Sword, can turn into bat

The BadEdit

Count Dracula-The dreaded Count Dracula, Master of evil, son of the devil. Dracula is the ruler a dreade army of darkness/Powers: Shape shift

Lanon-Lanon is Dracula's right hand man. A powerful necromancer, Lanon has sworn his alliegence to Count Dracula/Powers: Necromancy, shadow balls, levitation

Death-Death is the taker of souls and the guard of Dracula's castle. He is impossible to get pass as he will stop at nothing to defeat his foes/ Powers: Sycthes, shadow balls, levitation


Prolougue-Dracula's Throneroom

Level 1-Castle Drawbridge

Level 2-Enterance Hall

Level 3-Library

Level 4-The Servant Quarters

Level 5-Clock Tower

Level 6-Dark Forest

Level 7-Graveyard

Level 8-The Gardens

Level 9-The Sewers

Level 10-Kitchen

Level 11-The Vault

Level 12-The Gallery

Level 13-The Courtroom

Level 14-The Armoury

Level 15-The Temple

Level 16-The Trophy Room

Level 17-The Goliath Factory

Level 18-The Pit

Level 19-The Southern Tower

Level 20-The Mirror World

Level 21-Dracula's Keep



Dracuala (Human Form)/Shadow Ball, bat release/Prolouge

Sea Serpent/Water Blast, Bite, Swipe/1.Castle Drawbridge

Bone Serpent/Bone Blades, Bite, Swipe/1. Castle Drawbridge

Phantom Bat/ Swoop, Fireballs/2. Enterance Hall

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