Castlevania: In The Heart Of The Celestial Realm is a game for the Nintendo DS, part of Konami's popular Castlevania franchise. The game was first released in March 2017 in Japan. It retains a classic 2d isometic graphic.

The game is totally different, the new female protagonist is Platina, pretty much like Shanoa. It takes 2 years after Aria Of Sorrow but alternate history. Seven daughters of Dracula play the role as antagonists [the Septuplet daughters of Dracula], whom Platina calls the stepsisters of "late" Adrian Tepes Farenheit Alucard. Platina knows that the desaparecidos victim was Alucard who vanished and disappeared without a trace, being forgotten. And Belmont clan too vanish and no longer exist without any traces. She only knows her memories of Shanoa. She must defeat seven daughters of Dracula before facing the new enemy and evil god, the Evil Priestess.


This game adopts Sorrow series soul systems with Order of Ecclesia's Glyph System. Inventory can now be capped at 99 just like in SOTN, HOD and COTM. Level can now be capped at 255 like in OOE. The new protagonist is Platina, long white haired woman who is in the early 20s, cursed and condemned with immortality from Dracula and Death. She starts with 320 HP (+20 per level [at level 20-49], +30 per level [50-59], +40 per level [60-69], +50 per level [70-79], +100 pe level [80-89], +200 per level (99-255), 400 MP and 250 Hearts at level 1). The artwork is Ayami Kojima's. She can now cling to the wall and air-dash just like in Megaman X series. Magic system is now back to make it challenging to get medals without taking damage. There are some elements/stats ailments that are piercing, slashing, crushing, fire, ice, thunder, light, darkness, curse, posion, stone. New elements that include paralysis, wind, water, wood, earth and plant to add more gameplay. Her movesets are similar to Alucard's. She can get shields, guns, maces, axes, rods, books, swords and there IS NO SUCH THING as Vampire Killer Whip and Belmont CLan due to propaganda issues.


This begins in 2037 when Belmont clan does not exist, as alternate timeline. Instead of whips, what else. Seven daughters of Dracula begin terrorizing citizens, in adaption of Climate Change. Time is compressed.

Production. Edit

It is confirmed that Grey Delisle will voice Platina and Evil Priestess just like she did for Jeanne and Jubileus in Bayonetta. In Japanese version, Megumi will voice them just like she did for Aqua in KH and Paine in FFX2.

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