The story was said behind of the Belmont families, his late father gave upon the whip to Frederick Belmont. One of the son in his families. Arnisa Belmont, is the only female Belmont in his families. They was investigating from the tragedy that was ambushed from the Aljiba Village and it was said that they were attacked by a group of monsters. Many people was suffering and captured alive. Frederick Belmont told Arnisa to protect the village while Frederick move on to the castle and rescue the hostages. Omega, the lord of the Castle return to revenge once again with the powers of the night.

Final BattleEdit

Frederick defeat Omega, and another creature appears and it wouldn't let any intruder escape...

Frederick: No... it can't be... you are Simon...

Fake Simon: If you wanna leave here, you have to go against me!!!(Snap his flame whip*)

"Mission: Frederick must defeat Fake Simon before the castle began to crumble."


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