Castlevania Rondo Of The Soul is a game for the Nintendo Switch.It takes 7 years before Order Of ecclesia.

Gameplay Edit

its a sidescrolling similar to Rondo Of Blood with 19 has also 5 playable characthers as a total,The health bars and boss bars are similar to castlevania the arcade from 2009.

Hearts Edit

Hearts are as usual used for the subweapons however everytime you clear a stage,your hearts dont get reduced to 0,you can have up to 500 hearts,however hearts are not always used to subweapons,if you die you will lose 20 hearts and get revived by 3 bar pieces,same goes for mulitplayer co op mode.However if you lose all hearts and die then you have to restart the stage from the beginning.And if one of the player dies and theres no hearts left then its game over for both,Alrick will for example run to Fenrik and shout things like "Noo Fenrik" for example

Playable Charachters Edit

Story Edit

an village is under attack,Richter Belmont has vanished,and so has the love interest of Alrick Belmont (the nephew of Richter)Alrick decides to save his uncle and his love interest Mistine Shaderose.Alrick runs through the burning village and finds the vampire killer whip but he feels like the whips power is getting weaker,So he decides to venture out and save Richter,and Mistine from the mysterious being known as Lohúhiloviatar that brings Richter and Mistine to the mysterious risen castle that has risen in the dark woods.After completing the first stage Alrick meets his adoptive brother and friend of his childhood Fenrik Zteelon who is an swordsman who joins too

Stages Edit

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