The Crimson Stone is an anceint and dark relic. Whoever finds will be granted immortality-but will be transformed into a Vampire. Created by Galamoth, the ruler of time, it was stolen by Mathias Cronqvist after his first defeat by the Belmonts. He gained immortality and went into Vampire form. Galamoth has been trying to get ahold of it ever since.

List of Bearers

List of Bearers (Netherworld)

  • Galamoth - Beginning of time to 1060
  • Mathias/Dracula - 1063 to 1999
  • Soma - 2036 to 2036
  • Dracula (again) - Unknown to 3800
  • Chaos - 3800 to 3800
  • Vadriel - Current Bearer

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