The Cyclops is the fourth boss in Circle of Blood.


The Cyclops is extremely large. He has an eye-beam attack which will petrify, as well as an attack where he bashes his hammer into the ground, creating stone spikes. He can also swipe with the hammer. He has 2000 HP.

Phase 2Edit

The Cyclops is now purple and has all previous attacks, as well as a flame attack, a lightning attack, and an energy burst. He has 3000 HP, equaling 5000 HP in all. His theme for both phases is Followers of Darkness -The Third-.


The Cyclops is now the eighth boss. He is very fast, frequently dashing around the room. He can bash his hammer into the ground, creating a shockwave; swing his hammer in a 4-hit combo; and shoot a beam from his eye that tracks Julius. In his second lifebar, the beam can now petrify and spreads a line of fire, and his hammer attacks are now more powerful and highlighted with fire, leaving behind a trail after his attack. His theme is Walking on the Edge, and he has 3815 HP. When killed, Yoko is released.

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