The Deep Underworld is the fifth and final secret level of Circle of Blood. It is the deepest level of the Underworld, under Tartarus. It can be accessed from the Hidden Chamber by lighting up the statue which unlocks the door that leads to the portal to this area. There are three parts: an area in which the walls are completely destroyed, all that remains are a few platforms that must be jumped on to make it to the end, falling will take you back to the start of the room; a 7-room "gauntlet" area where several enemies are placed; and a puzzle-style area where the player must activate a light, which will reflect off of the mirrors on statues, the statues must be placed so that the light goes into the black mirror, shattering it and revealing the path to the boss. It is the toughest area of the game. The theme for the first part is Infinite Corridor. The theme for the second part is Resonance of Malevolent Souls. The theme for the third part is Aiolon Cave Temple. The theme for the area right before the boss is Arduous Journey.


  • Negative Skeleton
  • Fallen Angel
  • Devil
  • Negative Lizardman
  • Doppelganger
  • Jiang-Shi


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