Drachaos is the second-to-last boss in Melody of Darkness. His first form is a pale humanoid. He has no clothing, but the lower half of his body is made of bats. He has spiky white hair. He is a very powerful Dracula.


Drachaos will float around. He can dash, and shoot several fireballs. His dark inferno involves shooting dark spheres everywhere. He can shoot destruction rain, as well as drain health. He has 6000, and his theme is Creatures in the Depth.

Second FormEdit

Drachaos' second form is once more, a red dragon, but his lower body is a centipede. He will crawl around the battlefield, spitting fireballs. He has his previous attacks, as well as a gold skeledragon summon and skull bombs. He has 6000 HP, and his theme is Metamorphosis into the Black Abyss of Death.

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