Drolta Tzuentes was a witch that appeared in Castlevania: Bloodlines as a villain. She was a witch that resurrected Elizabeth Bartley. She was, however, killed by John Morris and Eric Lecarde.


During World War 3, Drolta felt an imbalance between the forces of good and evil, and decided this was the time to resurrect Dracula. She resurrected herself and Death to resurrect the castle.


Drolta has all of the Phantom's attacks, but more powerful, as well as the Armor Battler's. She has 7000 HP, and her theme is The Vampire's Stomach.

Melody of DarknessEdit

Drolta is the fourth boss in Melody of Darkness' Tower of Despair.


Drolta will start off the battle near the player. She can stab them with her wand, shoot ice bolts, or shoot ghost-like spheres which home in towards the player and can be destroyed; if the spectral spheres hit the player, they will become possessed and forced to stand still while Drolta attacks with lightning bolts. Near the end of the battle, Drolta can fly away from the platform and either cast destruction rain, summon homing skulls, or shoot two white spheres which quickly home in towards the player and their left and right. She has 5000 HP.

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