Fenrik Zteelton
Age 17 (rondo Of The Soul)

26 (Salvation By Night)

First Appearance
Weapon(s) of Choice *Sword (main)
  • Subweapons and magical abilities

-Holy Water Steam Bombs -Golden Firey Crossorang -Axes -Sacred Flame Wave -Crossbow -Rifle

Special Abilities Subweapons

enchant the sword

Theme Music
Fenrik Zteelton is one of the main protagonists in Castlevania Rondo Of The Soul,He is an swordsman and is the adoptive brother of Alrick Belmont.

Biography Edit

He was once a parentless child on the street who was found by Alricks parents and became a part of the family.He grew up and started to learn sword skills and trained to be a bounty hunter of some sort.

Rondo Of The Soul Edit


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