Galoth is the fourth major boss in Sonata of Blood. He is a giant demon. He possesses several blue strings that he can use to control people like puppets.

Puppet BattleEdit

First, the player must battle three puppets. The first is a puppet that resembles a Skeleton. The Skeleton puppet will toss bones, as well as skulls and spears. The second puppet resembles a golem. The golem will move around slowly, tossing rocks around the arena. He can also stomp the ground. The final puppet is of Galoth himself. It will summon electricity, and create rocks to toss at the player. Each puppet has 200 HP, meaning 600 HP in all.


Galoth will appear. He can shoot lightning from his fists, and toss boulders at the player. After his HP is reduced by half, he will use his strings. The first attack is a whip-like attack where he grabs the player, rolls them up in his string, and tosses them. The next attack is an attack where he slams a string against the ground, creating a blue flame. The third is to control the player himself, making them run into the wall which is equipped with spikes. They can break out of his control. Galoth has 3100 HP, meaning overall, he and his puppets have 3700 HP. Galoth and his puppet's theme is Destroyer.

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