Gibson Clarke
Role Main Protaganist, Villager turned Vampire Hunter
Age 23
First Appearance Castlevania: Darkness Siege
Weapon(s) of Choice Vampire Killer (In the form of Dual Katana Blades)
Special Abilities Kyuketsuki Satsujin Ken, a Hand to Hand and Swordplay fighting style combined with Ice elemental powers.
Theme Music Riding the Dragon of Frost

(Drum and Bass Mix)

Gibson Clarke is one the main heroes of the RPG fan game Castlevania: Darkness Siege. He is the son of the deceased Alvin Clarke that also mastered the Kyuketsuki Satsujin Ken fighting style with his best friend Ronald Winans. He also assisted both Ronald and the witch Sypha Belandes to save his wife Natalie who was kidnapped along with Darcy by the grim reaper Death.


Gibson Clarke is an wild and free-spirited young man who longs to travels the world to visit new places and learn the types of culture from different countries. He has a habit of showing off in front of Ronald and Colton and also pulls pranks on the residents of Sylvania Village, this playful behavior causes Gibson to be scolded at by Colton who threatens to kick him out of the village if this nonsense continues. Despite all this, Gibson shows a soft and gentle side towards his wife Natalie and his two children Jake and Bryden that he is willing to protect them from harm at all cost. Like Ronald, he also hates the grim reaper Death for causing the deaths of his parents and wants to take him out no matter what.


Gibson wears a combined attire of villager clothes and a changshan outfit, he has short stylish red brown hair and wears black sandals on his feet.


Gibson Clarke is skilled using the Ice elemental style of Kyuketsuki Satsujin Ken. He has learned and practiced techniques like Hyouryuken (Ice Dragon Fist) or Hyougazan (Blizzard Fang Cutter) that has the ability to freeze monster enemies. Gibson also performs lightning fast attacks with the Vampire Killer which is in the form of dual katana blades, allowing him to rapidly take out enemies at ease.

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