Role Main Antagonist
Age Unknown
First Appearance Rite of Blood
Weapon(s) of Choice Unknown
Special Abilities Immortality
Theme Music Bizzare Room, First Struggle

"Giga" is the code name given to the secret boss in Rite of Blood. Nothing is known about him/her, if he/she has been seen before or not, and if he/she is a fanon character or not. The theme when speaking to him/her is Something Loopy, but before the fight, it is Renon.

Giga's first form battle theme is Bizzare Room, which is also Vadriel's theme. His/her second form theme is First Struggle. Giga's final form theme is unknown.


  • It could be possible that "Giga" is Giga Nightmare, however, it is unlikely, as Giga Nightmare is a fusion of Omega and Vadriel. Omega and Vadriel are playable during Giga's terror.

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