Giga Nightmare is the final secret boss in Battle of Legends, in the Tower of Despair. He is the spirit of the Dread Lord of Bane, added on to the spirits of Agony, Anger, and Hatred, to create a horrible mass of destruction known as Giga Nightmare. He does not look much like the Dread Lord. He is much larger, has no clubs for hands, Omega's eye in his chest, several spikes around his body, and wings, and 2 legs instead of three.


Giga Nightmare is gigantic, and floats on the sides of the platform, like Omega Vadriel. He possesses all of the Dread Lord of Bane's moves, and he can also summon shadow skeletons to attack the player. He can charge across the platform, and can swipe at the player with his wings. He can cast mini-Demonic Megiddos all across the field, and he can smash the player with his demonic fist. Later, he can perform the Giga Demonic Megiddo, which is only prevented by the Death Ring or Rosario. After this, he gains a new move, a flat energy blast that extends across the entire room. Finally, once his health is depleted, he will summon a few soul skulls to follow the player as he prepares to cast his most powerful attack, the Nightmare Apocalypse Blast, which can only be prevented by the Golden Rosario. He has 12000 HP. After death, he explodes in a burst of fire and light, the platform shatters, and the sky turns to normal.


  • "DIE!"
  • AFTER DEFEAT: "Impossible...a mere human has beaten ME!? ARGGHHHH!!!"

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