The Golem (no specific name given) was a cyborg Golem, and was part of Jason's team. He, along with the other members, were hypnotized by Omega. Golem is found in the Tymeo Mountains, and is the fifth boss.


The Golem can grab you, smash his fists into the gound, or shoot crystals. All attacks do nothing against him, so you must wait for him to smash. Kick onto his back to reveal a crystal on his back, which is his weak point. Later, the Golem can charge, throw parts of the mountain at you, or jump, creating a shockwave. His final attack is to shoot a laser. He has 2000 HP, and his theme is Stone King Golem.


  • Jason's team and their fate is based on the team from Metroid Prime 3. Golem is based off of Ghor due to being a cyborg and being super strong.

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