The Headhunter is the sixth boss in Aria of Sorrow Remade.


In the first form, the Headhunter is a woman. "She" will walk around slowly, trying to stab the player, and she can hop around the room. She has 700 HP.

Second FormEdit

Headhunter takes the shape of a man now. He will fly about the room, casting either an icicle spell, a flame wolf spell, or a thunder spell. He has 700 HP.

Third FormEdit

The Headhunter is now a lizard. He will hop, run, and crawl around. His first attack is a charge attack. He can also stick his long tongue out, and breath poison mist. If he lands on the player from the ceiling, he will paralyze them. He has 2000 HP. His theme is Followers of Darkness -The Third-.

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