Ignis is the first secret boss in Circle of Blood.


Ignis can teleport around the room, summoning flame pillars and using his fire swipe. He can also cause flaming rain and a fire explosion, which causes massive damage. Once defeated, he will explode, dealing damage if in the explosion radius. His theme is Elemental Tactician, and he has 4000 HP.

In BrotherhoodEdit

Now the first boss in the Elemental Bosses, Ignis wields a flame sword. Ignis can leap around the room, shoot fire balls, and slash. He can block your attacks. Later, Ignis can shoot a fire laser beam, jump and plunge his sword into the ground, or create a fire tornado which sucks you in. Ignis has 3000 HP.

Sonata of BloodEdit

Ignis is now the ninth major boss. He has a triple fireball attack, a lava pillar, a homing flame disk, and a shield. Later, he has a sword, and can dash with it. He also has an explosion attack. He has 4000 HP, and his theme is Elemental Tactician.

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