Anime vampire killer

Joni`s alternate form that lies inside of him

Castlevania joni belmont sprite COOL

His sprite

`I will not fight for the world but for my familys title`,Joni Belmont in `Castlevania chours of shadows`

Joni belmont is a decendent of the belmont clan and is the son of julius belmont and yamelia freeman.

At the age of 17 he was confronted by zombies and other creaters on the way home from school along with his girl friend kelly makaweezu.He was forced to use his own belt as a whip in COS.

In castlevania chourus of fire he is 19 and the city has combusted into flames by dracula himself reawkinging after joni defeated soma in COS

In COF he is confronted by soma cruz who is possed by draculas power after julius had failed to defeat him and you must fight him as a intro boss after his defaet soma is killed but somehow his soul goes inside of joni him self giving him the power of domminance

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