Kain is a Doppelganger. He is more powerful than average Doppelgangers, and wants to take Dracula's throne by obtaining his relics. In the end, he is overcome by Dracula's power. He is the tenth boss.


Kain will at first take the form of the player. He will use the whip to attack, and he will use their sub-weapon, and he can also perform a shadow dart attack, a flame kick/punch, and a scythe summon. His theme is Creatures in the Depth, and he has 4000 HP in this form.

Second FormEdit

Kain will grow large wings, his teeth will grow sharp, one of his eyes will turn red, his skin will disintegrate, and his heart will show. His heart is his only weak point. He has the same attacks, as well as a demon bite, a wing slash, an eye beam, and a giant fireball. He has 5000 HP, equaling 9000 HP total. His theme is Elemental Tactician.

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