Mira Granted
Role Huntress
Age 17
First Appearance Castlevania:Ignited(As Playable Character)
Weapon(s) of Choice Sword and Shield
Special Abilities Kick,Punch,Hydro Storm,Energy Ball,Giant Meteor
Theme Music Guardian(Boss)


  • Kick->>+//> = Kick
  • Punch-////+<<>>=Punch
  • Hydro Storm-^^>>//hs=Fire
  • Energy Ball-^></=Fire
  • Giant Meteor->>>^^^^+Shift+CTRL=Giant Meteor
  • Sword-SW=Sword
  • Shield-SH=Shield


Younger Sister,Serenity is only 1 year younger than Mira.

Enemy DataEdit

(Under Construction)

When she was Born...Edit

Mira's DeathEdit

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