The Mutant is the boss of the Water Chamber, and the first boss in Despairing Souls. Its thme is Destroyer.

First PhaseEdit

Mutant starts by chasing you through out the stage, which is a rapid river. You must outswim him and catch up to him. He, like some other bosses that must be destroyed, has a red orb on his back. Whip Grapple on and start slashing it. He has 500 HP in this phase.

Second PhaseEdit

The Mutant no longer is in pursue, and starts to fight. He has no normal attacks, so start attacking. The Mutant can use a short range chop attack, which ends in an explosion, and can shock you or throw you. Later in the battle, the Mutant can use green waves in diferent places, can guard, and finally, use a high damage dealing explosion attack. He has 1000 HP in this phase.

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