The Netherworld is a dark region that is the complete opposite of the Light World. There is chaos everywhere, and the sky is a faint yellow color with no clouds. The surpreme rulers of this world are Vadriel and Omega, although Omega has gotten into the Light World plenty of times using special magic. Almost impossible to get out of, and in, the only way is for a special magic. Galamoth is sealed in this world. Galamoth took his place back in throne after Vadriel and Omega were killed, but due to Omega's revival, apparantly took the throne again.

Circle of BloodEdit

The Netherworld is the fifteenth, and final area of Circle of Blood. The theme is Infinite Corridor.


  • Nova Skeleton
  • Stolas
  • Final Guard
  • Iron Golem
  • Demon Lord
  • Devil
  • Dragon
  • Floating Skull


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