Oblivion, also known as Viel, which is his actual name, is Omega's and Vadriel's equivalent of Death. Viel wears a robe over his face, to conceal his skeletal face. He has very long, sharp claws, of which he can increase or decrease the length. His favorite food is human souls. He does not wield a scythe, but instead, a sickle-sword, or Khopesh, as well as a bat-wing blade. He was killed when Vadriel was killed.

Requiem of AgonyEdit

Oblivion was resurrected along with Vadriel, and is the twelfth boss in the game.


Oblivion uses his Khopesh to attack. He can teleport, and instead of shooting scythes, shoots bat-wing daggers. He also can summon meteors and blue fireballs that home in. Late in the battle, he will create a giant pentagram on the floor, which quickly rises up. To dodge, the player must stay in between the points. He has 5555 HP. His theme is Dark Holy Man.


Oblivion, defeated, transforms into a bat, taunting Jason Steele, telling him he can never win. He then flies away.

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