The Omega Clone is the sixth boss in Despairing Souls. It also appears as an enemy in Call of a Demon. He has a high pitched chipmunk like laugh, and was created by Omega to kill Jason.

Call of a DemonEdit

The enemy appears to be a blue eye that can shoot projectiles at you.

Despairing SoulsEdit

The omega clone appears in the Cave Entrance. He is first seen taunting you at the beginning, then constantly shoots petrification bolts at you. He also summons enemies in various rooms, before you encounter him for a battle. He is exactly the same as Omega's humanoid form. Unlike the previous battle, he is not floating. He can slash at you with claws, shoot petrifaction blasts, and summon enemies. He can also leaps into the air off-screen and cause meteors to fall down. He has 3000 HP.

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