Omega Vadriel is a combination of Omega and Vadriel. He looks mainly like Vadriel, but he looks more menacing and has spikes extending from his shoulders, as well as sharp claws and a spiked tail. Omega's eye form is inside of his chest, and is his weak point. He is about 50 feet tall.


Omega Vadriel floats at the side of the platform, and he can, like Lament's Death boss, move left or right. He can also charge to get to the other side of the platform, damaging the player. He can swipe at the player with giant claws, and shoot black energy darts at them. He can also breath fire across the field. The eye in his chest, Omega, is his only weak spot. Omega can shoot lasers across the field, and shoot tri-fireballs. Later, Omega can summon a purple orb that shoots lasers from its bottom, top, and sides. Omega Vadriel has 6000 HP.


  • "Our power! Lets fuse our power!" Vadriel, right before fusion.
  • "AFTER DEFEAT: "Damn! I was so close!"
  • "Oh well...Now to plan B...the ultimate form!"

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