The Power Gauntlet is the third relic in End of Days.


The Gauntlet has all of the powers of the Guardian Gauntlet, but stronger. It also has 5 slots for 5 gems.


  • Green - The green gem allows the player to turn into a werewolf for a limited time. As a werewolf, they can charge quickly and have slash attacks, as well as the Rampage.
  • Black - The black gem allows the player to turn into a bat for a short time. The bat can fly and shoot fireballs.
  • White - The white gem allows the player to turn into an angel. The angel has powerful light attacks, and can float.
  • Red - The red gem allows the player to turn into a devil. As a devil, they can fly, dash, and shoot projectiles.
  • Gold - The final gem, obtained during the final boss battle. It transforms the player into a powerful golden demon. It has the abilities of the devil, and can shoot spears, use the equipped weapon, and unleash a chaos blast.

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