Pumpkin is a bonus boss in Rebirth of Evil.




Pumpkin has the Vampire Killer whip, as well as a special, bouncing, exploding sub-weapon, the pumpkin. Pumpkin can also shoot pumpkins at Julius with an arm cannon, and he can throw his head (a pumpkin) at him, which explodes. Later, he can throw candy at the player (Julius), which poisons, curses, petrifies, paralyzes, or even heals them. He can also summon spiked vines from the ground to follow Julius. After defeat, he heals himself with candy to regain half of his health. After this, he can perform the "Grand Pumpkin" move, which is Pumpkin's "Grand Cross", with, of course, pumpkins in place of the crosses. He is nearly impossible to beat, despite his small size. He has 5500 HP, meaning his full health (revival) is 8750 HP. His theme is Melancholy Joachim, the theme he hums in Lament of Innocence.

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