Rauter is one of the bonus bosses in Castlevania: Rusalka's Revenge.


Rauter begins the battle by chasing you, stopping occasionly to smash his fist into the ground. When you reach a wall that you must climb, he has a varity of attacks. First, he can punch the wall. He can use his left arm attatched to a chain to smash into the wall. When you are at the middle he simply smashes you with his chain arm. Nearing the top, he can smash you with his chain arm, or use his chain arm to make him jump, and punches the wall twice. When you are at the top, he grabs on to it. You can attack him at this point. He can only swipe at you during this phase. You must attack both his hands to make him fall. When you do this twice, he grabs onto the top with his arms and legs. You must attack them all, then use Scopulus, a dark boulder Glyph, and finish him off. His HP is shown as ????.

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