Omega silently walked through the hallway. At the end was a large door. He unsheathed his claws, and quickly tore a hole through it. He leaped through the hole, and landed in a dark room. Omega could feel a large amount of power pulsating from the room. This was where he needed to be.

"Mortus! Come out!!" he shouted. Suddenly, a pair of glowing red eyes snapped open, and glared directly at Omega.

"Tell me your business here, and your death will be quick," hissed a demonic voice.

"I need your help," replied Omega.

A loud laugh erupted throughout the room, sounding like the cracking of bones, the shattering of glass, and a lion's roar all at once. Even Omega could not stand the hideous noise. Mortus slowly got to his feet. "The "all powerful" Omega, asking for help!? HAHAHAHAHAHA!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! You think I would help such a fool? HAHAHA!!"

Omega grabbed Mortus by the neck, and threw him against a wall. Mortus vanished as soon as he hit the wall. He then reformed behind Omega.

"Very well then. What do you need help with?" asked Mortus.

"Vadriel. I need help resurrecting Vadriel. You remember him, right? Your brother?" answered Omega.

"That buffoon of a brother? Why would you want to resurrect him? You could just as easily use one of YOUR full brothers, or rule by yourself. Why bother having to make decisions with him instead of by yourself?" growled Mortus.

Omega kicked Mortus square in the chest, and screamed. "YOU ARE HELPING ME RESURRECT HIM!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND!!??"

Mortus punched at Omega with his gauntlet. "If you insist," he said. "But this will end as it always does. You will die, and be sure of it. I shall laugh at your grave, Omega..."

"I have seen death once, Mortus." Omega hissed. "If there are to be any deaths, I will be the one laughing at YOUR grave, fool..."

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