Richter Belmont is a well known Belmont.And he is

Richter Belmont

the Older Brother of Hitomi Belmont.

Defeating DraculaEdit

Entering Dracula's castle, he met Dracula. His duty was to destroy him, and he battled. Dracula called for help on Shaft, and Richter overpowered the two. However, shortly after, Richter vanished by unknown means. Alucard and the others set out to find him.


Richter was under control of Shaft, Dracula, and Death. Alucard had no choice but to fight him. Richter was tough, but he eventually snapped out of it. Alucard and the other then defeated Shaft, Dracula, and Death. Richter was then brought home.


Distant Relative


Younger Sister

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