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Rite of Blood is a possible upcoming fan game by Shadowmaster. It is different than the one announced with Omega and Vadriel. The main theme (prologue theme) is Prelude.

Plot and Modes

There is no plot to the game. There will be a few modes: vs mode, training mode, boss rush mode, minigame mode, and castle mode. The main menu theme is Underground.

VS Mode

This mode involves selecting your character and your computer opponent, and battling. Winning 10 games unlocks an award.

Training Mode

This mode involves testing out your moves and attacks. You have infinite HP and MP.

Boss Rush Mode

This mode involves fighting many bosses. Completing the mode once without dying unlocks an award.

Minigame Mode

This mode involves one of three things: 1. dodging fireballs while collecting magic symbols, which are worth 100 points; 2. hitting all of Death's scythes without being hit (scythes are 100 points); and 3. throwing the right sub-weapons into the right objects to stop them before they hit, (every second alive earns 50 points). Earning 3000 points in game 1 unlocks an award, 2000 in game 2 unlocks, and 1500 in game 3 unlocks an award. The theme for minigame 1 is the 8-bit Vampire Killer. The theme for game 2 is Bloody Tears (8-bit). Finally, the theme for game 3 is Beginning (8-bit).

Castle Mode

Castle Mode involves going throughout one area (a castle), and defeating a boss. Beating every single castle (except for the secret castle) unlocks an award. The castle selection theme is Menu 1.


Awards will unlock new characters, and new castles. Getting every award unlocks a secret boss. There are six awards.

Playable Characters

Character Info

Trevor Belmont

Trevor is slow, but his whip is strong, and he has the bible, which Julius, the other Belmont, lacks. He also has the flaming whip and super mode, in which Sypha appears to enhance his speed, strength, etc. His hyper attack is elemental whip, where Sypha will enchant his whip and he will dash through the enemy, sending them flying.

Julius Belmont

Julius is faster than Trevor, at moderate speed, but his whip is a little weaker. He lacks the bible, but he can charge his whip for a more powerful attack, and he has the cross slash attack. He has the fireball throw, where he tosses a large, explosive fireball. His hyper attack is Grand Cross, where enemies will be pulls into his crosses, unlike cross slash.


Barlowe is weaker than the Belmonts, but he has the ability to hover for a short time and is faster than them. His normal attack is summoning a sword, but he only has four sub-weapons: fire, where he will shoot a fast fireball, ice, where he will shoot a fast and sharp icicle, lightning, where he shoots a sphere of lightning,and Globus, where he shoots two ricocheting purple spheres. His hyper attack is ice and thunder, where he will drop a book on the floor, which freezes the ground and the player on it, then he will fly above them and shoot a lightning bolt right at them.

Yoko Belnades

Yoko has all of her attacks from Dawn of Sorrow, and thus, is weaker than the Belmonts, but faster. Her hyper move is to summon meteors to fall from the sky.


Werewolf is surprisingly, not very fast, and has only one sub-weapon, but he can dash, throw energy discs, and jump into the air and land, creating a fire wave. His sub-weapon is dog summon, where he will summon a dog. His main attack is a quick punch. His hyper attack will simply make him glow, but his stats will be enhanced greatly for the time in which the hyper attack is in effect.


Reptilicus is slow, but is large and strong. He has the Belmont's whip, amplified by electricity, and some sub-weapons: electric dagger, electric cross, and a thunder sphere. He has a beam attack, and his hyper attack is Thunderbird, where lightning bolts will rain across the screen.


The Skeleton is one of the most powerful characters in the game. He is fast and agile, as well as powerful. However, he has a somewhat low HP amount, and only two non-hyper attacks: bone throw and sword throw. His hyper attack is to cause bones to fly across the screen.


Soma, in his Dracula-possessed form, has a moderate speed. He has three sub-weapons: hellfire, dark inferno, and fatal rain. His main attack is the Valmanway. His hyper attack is to transform into his demon form, and shoot several fireballs and a shadow sphere at once.


Omega is one of the faster characters. He has a claw attack, and his sub-weapons are stronger versions of Dracula's. He also has rampage mode, where his stats are increased. His Hyper Attack involves rapidly slashing at the enemy, and summoning a portal to suck them into an iron maiden.


Vadriel has an advantage over other characters: he can float. Although somewhat slow, he has three sub-weapons, all of which are elemental: fire, where he shoots a massive fireball, ice, where he shoots a massive freezing ice shard, and lightning, where he shoots a sphere that erupts into a lightning bolt. His main attack is tossing a shadow sword. His hyper attack is to multiply, creating 8 duplicates. The duplicates transform into ectoplasms, which hit the opponent all at once, paralyzing them to allow Vadriel to drop a shadow sword on them.


Top Secret!


Castle Descriptions

Grave of Despair

An underground graveyard. It was once a beautiful village, but the people eventually went insane from Dracula's curse, dying out. The village was then turned into a graveyard for the inhabitants who had lived there. Over the centuries, the village was buried underground. Now it inhabits the undead bodies of those who had lived there. A secret tunnel there leads to an ocean cave, which is the only safe path to Dracula's Castle.

Eternal Waves

Once a lively underground "vacation", featuring a waterfall, the cavern eventually flooded, becoming a habitat for sea creatures. The waters are strange, as air-breathers can breathe in the cavern, but it is infested with demons. It is the only way to infiltrate Dracula's Castle.

Battle Tower

A small tower, once a laboratory for the castle. There, several hybrid species and demons were created, and the tower has been transformed into a sort of "arena".

Tower of the Three Fiends

A larger tower, housing some of Dracula's more powerful minions. The three fiends, for which the tower was named, are "Slogra", a pterodactyl-human hybrid, which carries a spear; "Gaibon", a gargoyle-like demon which shoots fireballs; and Death, Dracula's robe-wearing, scythe-wielding, skeleton right-hand man.

Galamoth's Chambers

A very strange, upside down realm with molten snow bubbling above the ceiling. Ice covers part of the cavern, while other parts are covered with the bones of those who were foolish enough to venture down here. And the ruler of the realm is Galamoth, the gigantic Dinosaur-like demon who plots to overthrow Dracula.

Bloody Tears

The strange clock tower of the Castle. The rusted, yet functional gears are surrounded by dangerous and annoying Medusa Heads, bloody spikes cover the walls, and dangerous Rebuilds, enhanced versions of the famous Frankenstein's Monster, lurk, waiting in the rooms of the dangerous tower of gears. And at the top is the Bone Golem, a dangerous beast comprised of the bones and skulls of human beings.

Dracula's Return

Dracula's famous keep. Dracula's most powerful minions guard the legendary stairway of the keep, while several traps await anyone who gets past them. And anyone who passes those trials will find themselves face-to-face with Soma Cruz, possessed reincarnation of the Dark Lord.

Absolute Chaos

The chaotic realm of Dracula's essence, Chaos. This is the origin of all of the demons who inhabit Dracula's Castle, and much more powerful minions lurk this realm, some who are more powerful than Dracula himself. At the core of the realm is Chaos, the essence of Dracula himself.

Underworld Garden

The secret garden realm of Vadriel and Omega, the Archlords of Darkness. Dangerous monsters lurk in this realm, enhanced by the essence of evil. Those who brave these monsters, such as the dangerous Reptilicus, must face Omega and Vadriel, the powerful Archlords of Darkness.

Grand Finale

A mysterious library-like place, but enhanced with superior technology. Inhabiting this realm are the most lethal and deadly creatures in the world, including the mighty Galoth, and some of the creatures already encountered, such as Bone Golems, and Slogras. Near the end of the realm, it becomes more demonic, and at the end, "Giga", a mysterious being, awaits. This is it, the final battle.


Grave of Despair

  • Zombie
  • Skeleton
  • Crow
  • Bat (tan)
  • Ghost
  • Grave Keeper
  • Scarecrow
  • Wereskeleton

Eternal Waves

  • Killer Fish
  • Frozen Shade
  • Fish Head
  • Dark Octopus
  • Gelso
  • Decarbia
  • Slime

Battle Tower

  • Werewolf
  • Lesser Demon
  • Dhuron/Dullahan
  • Adionbarg
  • Hyena
  • Hippogryph
  • Skull Spider

Tower of the Three Fiends

  • Bat (blue, behaves exactly like tan bat)
  • Medusa Head
  • Giant Ghost
  • Rowdain

Galamoth's Chamber

  • Ghost
  • Legion Minion
  • Ectoplasm
  • Frozen Half
  • Floating Zombie
  • Floating Skull
  • Imp
  • Cruela (zombie that behaves like CV1's zombie)
  • Bat (blue)

Bloody Tears

  • Golem
  • Slime Lv. 2
  • Mini Devil
  • Harpy
  • Tombstone
  • Item Stealer
  • Tsuchinoko
  • Gold Medusa Head
  • The Creature
  • Blood Skeleton

Dracula's Return

  • Flail Skeleton
  • Gargoyle
  • Blood Skeleton
  • Eagle
  • Axe Knight
  • Siren (behaves like Harpy but shoots fireball)
  • Vampire Bat
  • Bat (red, behaves like tan and blue bats but shoots fireball)

Absolute Chaos

  • Skeleton Panther
  • Ghoul
  • Blood Skeleton
  • Mimic
  • Eagle
  • Paranthropus
  • Bitterfly
  • Devil Skull (behaves like Floating Skull but shoots fireball)
  • Guardian
  • Undead Hands (invincible)
  • Gravekeeper
  • Axe Knight Lv. 2
  • Flail Skeleton
  • Siren
  • Bat (white, behaves exactly like red bat)

Underworld Garden

  • Skeleton Blaze
  • Blue Eagle
  • Frog
  • Skeleton Swordsman
  • Undead Hands (invincible)
  • Bitterfly
  • Corpseweed
  • Une
  • Eagle
  • Reptilicus
  • Master Skeleton
  • Devil Bat
  • Blood Skeleton Lv. 2 (acts like Blood Skeleton but tosses bloody bones)

Grand Finale

  • Bat (yellow, acts like red bat but shoots faster projectile)
  • Ghost Lv. 2
  • Arabaki
  • Master Lizard
  • Golem Knight
  • Sir Grakul (axe)
  • Sir Grakul (sword)
  • Rowdain
  • Galoth
  • Skull Pillar


Boss Rush Mode

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