Ronald Winans
Role Main Protaganist, Villager turned vampire hunter
Age 25
First Appearance Castlevania: Darkness Siege
Weapon(s) of Choice Vampire Killer (In a form of a Longsword)
Special Abilities Kyuketsuki Satsujin Ken, a Hand to Hand and Swordplay fighting style combined with Fire elemental powers
Theme Music Destiny of the Holy Flame

(Heavy Metal Edit)

Ronald Winans is one the main heroes of the RPG fan game Castlevania: Darkness Siege. He is the son of the deceased Satoru Winans that mastered the Kyuketsuki Satsujin Ken fighting style along with his best friend Gibson Clarke, but when Death launched an all out rampage on Sylvania Village and abducted his wife Darcy, Ronald teams up with Gibson and Sypha Belmont to put a stop to Death's revival of Dracula and save Sylvania Village.

Personality Edit

Ronald Winans is a calm and polite young man who cares about his wife Darcy and the villagers of Sylvania Island. He has shown determination and courage when he was trained in Kyuketsuki Satsujin Ken fighting style by his father Satoru Winans and continued to train under Colton to become stronger. However, Ronald has shown deep hatred towards Death, the grim reaper responsible for his father's demise and the abduction of his wife and children. Because of this, he is willing to go to great lengths to kill him at all cost even if it means sacrifing his life.


Ronald Winans wears a combined attire of villager clothes and a karate attire. He has on a villager hat that he wears on his head, he has black curtained hair and he wears samurai kote on his foot.


Ronald is heavily skilled in the Fire elemental style of Kyuketsuki Satsujin Ken, a fighting style that combines hand to hand combat with swordplay that has the ability to kill demons. He has mastered techniques like Enhouken (Phoenix Blaze Fist) and Enhoukyuga (Crimson Lotus Fang) that burns and immolate demonic enemies in it's path, Ronald has also shown skill with the Vampire Killer which is in the form of a longsword as he cut his enemies with grace and impact.

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