Timeskip: The hunt continues, and is ready for the next boss: Gabrielle, who have murdered Sven, Rody and Jenny.

"Sorry, Guys. You're gonna die!" yelled Gabrielle.

"Not until i said so." said Ayano.

After the battle...

"N-no... I was close to--..." mumbled Gabrielle.

"Dying? Well you are close to dying." said Mikage.

Mikage beheaded Gabrielle quickly, and placed her head on a tray.

Gabrielle was found beheaded. She was found in the same room as Miel's corpse was.

Blood scattered the floor, hard for it to clean.

The only clues are the knife, the head and the body of Gabrielle.

Meanwhile, the next boss was a giant skeleton, equal to the size of Dracula's Giant Bat form.

"Now, this skeleton's hard." explained Ayano.

"I'll deal with it." said Ryouga.

Ryouga whips the skeleton, and the skeleto was defeated. Ryouga whipped like -- 100 times.

"You have no abilities, Ayano." Mikage mocked Ayano.

"What?! Well then, can you do the magic seal?" asked Ayano mockingly.

The door next to them can only be opened by a Magic Seal.

"" said Ryouga.

"Watch me, playboy." Ayano commanded.

Ayano did the "Magic Seal 3" successfully, no mistakes.

"How did she...?"

"I've got this to." said Ayano.


"Watch and learn. Since i got the skeleton's soul."

Ayano turns into a "Giant Skeleton" and started thowing bones at Mikage.

"Hey!" Mikage shouted.

Ayano returns to normal.

"I've learned the 'Power of Dominance' too." explained Ayano.

"Anyway, enough of this chatter. Let's go." explained Ryouga.

The three then left.

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