"My Father?" asked Ayano.

"But... He's dead." said Ryouga.

"Well then, we're already at Xetrius'." said Mikage.

"Xetrius?! You were that man all along?!" Ayano is shocked.

"You see, i'm not here to grant your wishes... I'm here so you can see your beloved relatives killed!!" yelled Xetrius.

"You tricked us..." mumbled Mikage.

"I'm... Sorry!" Ayano fell on the floor weeping.


"NO! My Father is gone, then my mother?!"

"Ayano, wait...!"

"It was my fault.... I can't... Save Them now...."


"YOU... DEVIL... XETRIUS!!!!!!!!!!!"

Ayano turns into Barbarricia.

"Hmph. That Power of Dominance can't stop me!"

"Power... of Dominance?!" Mina was shocked.

"Sorry. Forgot to tell you. I'll explain later."

"Now to finish this maggot off." said Mikage.

"Ready." said Ryouga.

After the Battle...

"You win..." Xetrius concedes defeat.

"We don't take deals. Sorry." said Ayano mockingly.

All of them, except Xetrius, leaves the castle.

After the castle's collapsing...

"Well then... over's over." said Ayano.

"Wait... The Power of Dominance?"

"Oh yeah... I already have it since i entered the castle." explained Ayano.


"Now i lost it." Ayano continued.


"Are you gonna be some 'Dark Lady' or something?" asked Mikage.


"Because i know that if you're the Dark Lady, Ryouga will be your Dark Lord." Mikage mocked Ayano.

"What? He's not my--!"

They all laughed, except for Ryouga and Ayano.

"I was just kidding. No need for a bashful face." said Mikage.

"...Yeah. At least i got someone to love me... And that is... all of you. Especially you, Ryouga." said Ayano.


"Umm... Uh... Nothing..."


End of Volume 01.

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