The Shadow Forest is the second level in Brotherhood.


  • Bat
  • Swamp Man
  • Unknown
  • Bat Creature
  • Une
  • Manodragora
  • Leaf Creature


Requiem of AgonyEdit

The third level in Requiem of Agony. The theme is The Hidden Curse.


Name HP Element
Bat 1 Darkness
Skeleton 18 Darkness
Warg 68 Darkness
Zombie 12 None
Ifreet 60 Fire
Fenrir 16 Fire
Axe Armor 20 None
Mandragora 8 Plant
Une 2 Plant
Red Armor 20 Fire
Key Guardian 2915 Plant, Darkness


  • Aqueduct Key (opens door in Garibaldi Temple)

Linked LevelsEdit

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