Shaft is one of Dracula most trusted apprentices, behind only Death. Desperate to revive Dracula over and over again, he protects the remains from the Belmont clan by scattering them. Once, after Dracula's defeat under Richter, he hid Dracula's remains in Galamoth's Castle. He then possessed Richter, revived Dracula, and stood guard. After Alucard defeated Shaft, he destroyed Dracula once more and freed Richter. Just like his master, he is immortal, so he constantly goes to his work.

Castlevania: Melody of ChaosEdit

In the year 2050, Shaft rises from the grave again and aids in Dracula's resurrection, alongside Death and Carmilla. He is one of the final bosses in the game, and is actually a crucial aspect, affecting the ending of the game.

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