Shinn Granted
Shinn A
Role Vampire Hunter
Age 19
First Appearance Castlevania:Ignited(Playable)
Weapon(s) of Choice Granted Sword
Special Abilities Disintegrate,Meteor
Theme Music [1]Doomsday


  • Meteor (Press Up Button While Blocking)

Shinn's eyes will go Creepy,Trap he's enemy in a Barrier,Meteor on the Barrier then Meteor Will be Controled By him Then Meteors Will Crush The Barrier and the Enemy.

  • Disintegrate

"Here it goes" and spins her mace around a bit, hoping to hit her enemy. If she does, she announces "Grimoir!" and a giant book bound in chains is called forth from the ground. With a gesture,  causes the chains to snap and it turns to the page she seeks. he calls out "Spirits, head my call, come!" and a magic circle forms around her opponent and a barrier is put up around its circumference. he informs his opponent that "You cannot escape from that barrier" and they get a panicked look on their faces and the barrier closes in a sphere around them and lifts them above the ground. Massive orbs of fire, ice, and lightning form and orbit and spiral inwards towards the barrier. Shinn yells "Disintegrate" and the barrier explodes. The book then disappears Shinn and tells them "That is the forbidden power" or "It is finished".

List of voice ActorsEdit


  • Scott McCulloch(Oracle Of Resolution)
  • Samuel Vincent(Ignited)


  • Akira Ishida(Ignited)
  • Jin Horikawa(Oracle Of Resolution)

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