The Skull Knight is the first boss in Cursed Moon. His theme is Dissonant Courage.


First PhaseEdit

The Knight is fought on the Castle Bridge. In the first phase, the warrior can swipe or stab with his sword, guard the player's attacks, or jump. He has 500 HP.

Second PhaseEdit

In the second phase, he can still guard, and now jumps higher, can teleport, and he has a shield dash attack. He has 500 HP.

Third PhaseEdit

In the third phase, the Knight has no sword or shield, but he can jump higher, throw bones, dash, cause spikes to come from the ground, and throw bones. In hard mode, he throws multiple bones and he has a beam attack. He has 500 HP.

Fourth Phase (Hard Mode Only)Edit

In this phase, there is little space, and the knight has all of his third form's attacks, as well as a skull summon and a spear throw. Also, when damaged, bones spew from his body. He has 600 HP.

Requiem of AgonyEdit

The Knight is the seventh boss. He can use his sword to attack, dash, block their attacks with a shield, shoot a beam, and throw daggers. When hit, he will throw bones. He has 3978 HP, and his theme is Followers of Darkness -The Third-.

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