Slogra is the first major boss in Castlevania: Brotherhood.


Slogra has only two attacks: jabbing you with his spear and leaping fowards. Slogra should succumb easily. He has 500 HP.

Circle of BloodEdit

Slogra is now the eighth boss. He will use his spear alot, and he can throw it as well. He can also kick, and jab with his beak, as well as steal the player's life. After his HP is reduced by half, he loses his spear and uses his beak and a flame attack. He is agile. His theme is Followers of Darkness -The Third-, and he has 2000 HP.

Rite of BloodEdit

RoB Slogra & Gaibon
Description An odd, pterodactyl-like demon.
Hit Points 500
Location Tower of the Three Fiends

Slogra is the fourth boss, along with Gaibon. They have 500 HP each.

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