The Spear Guards are the second miniboss(es) in Brotherhood.


There are four. Two will try to stab you with their spear, one will throw unnlimited spears. One, apparantly called the Boomerang Guard, throws boomerang crosses instead of spears. They each have 200 HP.

Second BattleEdit

The Spear Guards return, much harder than before. One shoots slow moving spells from his spear, one shoots lasers and mini spears, one can slash at you with crimson wings and claws, and the last shoots giant fire balls, and can guard. They all can lunge with their spears, slash them, or extend them to try to impale you. They all have 600 HP now.

Sonata of BloodEdit

The Spear Guards are now the first miniboss(es). There are six now.

First GuardEdit

The First Guard is fought independently. He will simply walk around slowly. However, when the player gets near, he will either swipe or stab with his spear. He has 400 HP.

Second and Third GuardsEdit

The second and third guards are fought together. They have the first guard's attacks but are faster. They can also toss their spears and extend them. They have 350 HP each.

Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth GuardsEdit

The fourth and fifth guards act like the second guards, but have shields and are faster. They guard the sixth, red beserker guard. The beserker guard can toss his spear, block with a shield, swipe it, toss fireballs, and go into beserk mode where he glows red and runs around the battlefield swiping his spear around. The fourth and fifth guards have 400 HP each, while the beserker has 800 HP. This means altogether, the guards have 2700 HP. The theme for the battle is Resonance of Malevolent Souls.

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