"The Eternal Citadel" is what the gods and the ancients call Castle Dracula. The castle is almost as old as Earth itself, once a holy castle for millenia, made unholy by a dark sorcerer and given to a family of royal vampires. The castle's specific age is 1,001,998 B.C. to A.D. 2035, making it 1,004,087 years old.

In many Castlevania games, it's location seems to change. In some games, the castle is on the side of a cliff overlooking a sea, in artwork of the first Castlevania it is on top of a mountain, and in other games it's by the sea with a bridge connecting to the village of Jova. In the Daeronverse, it is surrounded by a part of the Carpathian Mountains and in front of the main gate is the Forest of Silence. Beyond that is a bridge that leads to the village of Salucia, next to the Belasco Marsh. West is the Posaga village, and North of the castle is Gilles de Rais' castle, Dracula's high servant. 

The Eternal Citadel


Hyrule Castle, Vilistor Castle, Castle Carmilla, Bernhard Castle, Castle Dracula


1,001, 998 B.C.

Final Destruction

A.D. 2089


Mount Izvorul, Alba, Romania


The Battle for the Black CathedralEdit

The Battle for the Black Cathedral was fought between the Holy Knights of Werich(Modern-day Hungary) and the Vampiric Empire of Austria. The battle was for claiming the ruins of the Black Cathedral, which once belonged to another family of vampires a century before the battle. The battle was one by the Vampiric Empire of Austria, which was led by Gregor Vilostor, the Vampire King of the time. He had his forces rebuild the ruins and he made the castle his main base of operations and home. 


The castle was passed down from generation to generation of the Vilostor family, eventually coming into ownership by Carmilla Vilostor. Eventually, Vlad III Belmont arrived at her castle when he was human in 18 B.C. and defeated her. The castle crumbled to the ground, and later in 3 B.C., Vladislav Bernhard, Vlad's highest advisor, was left behind in charge of Wallachia, since Vlad went to Israel in search of the one named Jesus Christ. He had already devised a plan to become a vampire, and after he did so, he gave an offer to all the people of Arges, Romania, where Poenari Castle is located, to rebuild the entirety of Carmilla's castle in exchange for immortality.

Many in Arges accepted and Vladislav gave them their part of the deal. He was made the Vampire King, and all vampires pledged their allegiance to him. In 

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