The Totem is a large creature that resembles a totem. It is the fourth boss in Castlevania: Rusalka's Revenge.


The Totem is shooting lasers and flames at you with "cannons." It sits in place. The Totem will only be weak if you expose it's weak point. To do this, you must absorb the flames with what you would normally do with Glyphs. Attack the Totem, and four small orbs will appear on each of it's cannons. Each of the orbs has 200 HP and is weak to slash. Once you destroy them, the Totem quickly moves back and forth and uses Vol Grando in random spots. Simply attack the Totem with any type of weapon. In it's final phase, it grows arms which shoots orbs that home in on you. Attack the arms. The Totem itself has 4000 HP, and the arms have 600 HP, equalling 6000 HP in total.

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