The Ultimate Beings are the most powerful species in the universe. Most of them (mostly gods) are good or neutral, but some of them are evil, the best examples being Omega and Vadriel. Ultimate Beings usually cannot be turned into vampires, be petrified, poisoned, etc., but there are a few objections.

List of known Ultimate BeingsEdit





Ultimate Beings have greater willpower than any other species. They are immortal, meaning they will live forever, but they can be killed. At that point, they can either choose to restart their life cycle and become a cat, or choose to stay in their realm until they are resurrected. If an Ultimate Being's spirit goes in a lower beings' (all mortals) body, they mortal will be completely controlled and become a host for the spirit, the exception being a body with another Ultimate Being in it. If an Ultimate Being goes in a higher being's (Dracula, Galamoth, Death, etc.) body, they will become fused with the spirit and occasionally be able to take control, depending on the willpower. If an Ultimate Being goes in another Ultimate Being's body (requires extreme magic), both will retain their minds or their minds will be fused (if the other being does not will it to be so, they will cast out the other being). However, if somehow two beings go in one body at once, lower beings would be killed, higher beings would also die, and Ultimate Beings would be driven insane.

Ultimate Beings usually automatically resurrect every 15 years, although they can choose to stall this, or it may be stalled by others. It can also be a shorter time. They can also be fully killed. It requires extreme power to fully kill them, such as with Omega, destroying his three orbs, or Vadriel, being impaled by the castle itself. After this, it will take much effort to fully resurrect them. Vadriel was temporarily resurrected, meaning his spiritual wound has not been fully healed and he will eventually be pulled back into the underworld after 1 month unless killed or given a sacrifice of power.

In Omega's case, it only took his DNA and a host to fully resurrect him, however, for Vadriel, it took the true power of the Vampire Killer.

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