The Underground Graveyard is the seventh level of Cursed Moon. The theme is The Cave of Jigramunt, and it is one of the levels without hard mode exclusive enemies.


  • Skeleton
  • Golem
  • Mudman
  • Ghoul
  • Gorgon Head



The fourth level in the game. The theme is Beginning.


Name HP Element
Bat 10 Darkness
Zombie 20 None
Skeleton 24 Darkness
Lizardman 100 None
Golem 250 Earth
Ogre 208 Fire
Mudman 50 Earth
Ghoul 150 Darkness
Ghost 54 Holy
Orc 90 Fire
Rock Armor 290 Earth
Executioner 100 Darkness
Minotaur 350 Earth
Iron Gladiator 2466 Darkness


  • HP Max Up
  • Strength Glove
  • Flame Whip

Linked LevelsEdit

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