The Werebane is half-werewolf, half-bat, and a minion of Vadriel and Omega, the lords of evil. Werebane is loyal to Vadriel and Omega, as long as they provide him with treats, in this case, dead humans. However, if he is not fed, he will go insane and give in to his werewolf side, destroying anything he sees. He helped aid in Vadriel and Omega's takeover in the year 4000.


Werebane can switch between his wolf and vampire forms. In his wolf form, he can scratch, bite, and howl, and in his vampire form, he can teleport, steal the player's health, and release a giant fireball. After his health is reduced by half, he combines the forms. In this form, he has all of the previous attacks, a flame charge, and a flying dive attack. He has 4000 HP, and his theme is Dissonant Courage.


  • "I...MUST...FEED!"

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